The story started with


She used to go to the nearby Government Girls School. She has no father and helps her mother to support the family. She delivers flowers house to house

She got her periods. Her life changed forever... She will be married in the next two or three years just like her sister. She quit her school too.

About Amie

The Amie Foundation is built on the bond of friendship. A foundation where I care about girls from economically challenged families who are around my age.

Pre teens and teens, as I am told are the formative years which mould children into great human beings. But unfortunately in some cases, it scars them for life.

Menstruation is part of growing up, but sadly even today it is the biggest reason why girls are dropping out of schools. Some of these girls also are forced early into marriage. But Why?

Every single day I dream and I dream big. I have a family and community which encourages and gives flight to my dreams to become a reality.

But who cares about my friends in government schools, their dreams and aspirations? Who encourages them? Who speaks to them about the benefits of good nutrition? Who tells them its ok to menstruate... they don't need to quit education. That is when a thought was born.

I want to motivate and empower these girls who can make their dreams come true on their own. How? By helping them to believe in themselves, dare to dream and commitment to themselves through sheer hard work and a plan to make it a reality.

Core Focus

Empower Through


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Menstrual Hygine

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Shravanthi Suraj

I am an Akka

I encourage & empower

A sister in who they will see a friend in. A guide who tells them to dream, to dream big! To go after their ambitions, encouraging them to set goals and reach it while stressing on eating nourishing food and maintaining menstrual hygiene, and making them realize that ‘periods’ is not about awkwardness but a strong sense of ‘feminity’.

The Purpose

To encourage and empower by stressing on EDUCATION, MENSTRUAL HYGIENE & GOOD NUTRITION.

The Reach

Pre-Teens & Teens (12 - 15 years) from the lower strata of society. Girls who have started menstruation and a few years into it. Good age to inspire, motivate and encourage.


Government schools or Government aided schools.

How to reach

Principals & Teachers of Government schools or aided schools who are committed to imparting education.

The Plan

The aim is to start the initiative on my own, then reach out to the community, spread the message, encourage giving and participation and connect them to the purpose.

The include

People and communities who believe in AMIE and its purpose, who want to encourage and empower, and have a strong willingness to give back to the society.

Let the seed of this noble idea branch out and spread the message removing the weeds of taboo attached with menstruation and strengthen the roots through...


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